Media Relations

Media Relations

Good media coverage is essential for a company to publicise its story, reinforce its corporate positioning, build awareness and manage its reputation.

At Financial PR, clients leverage on our extensive media network across Asia. We work with clients to pitch stories on an opportunistic basis to reinforce brand positioning and profile to target audience not only in Hong Kong but also mainland China, Singapore and Taiwan. We facilitate media service such as media and public opinion monitoring and management, media pitch and Interviews and crisis management.

We are the first in the industry to innovate investor relations with new media. Based on our broad and solid foundation of media connections in mainland China and HK, we integrate traditional media and new media to develop communication strategies and identify target group for our clients on a case basis. Financial PR grabs the social media trend, develops cooperative relationships with many KOLs and financial WeChat official accounts. We help clients gain exposure from our broad online users on mobile platforms and social media platforms by delivering accurate notifications. Our partnership with multiple mainland China financial WeChat official accounts helped us reaching a wide range of audience and maximize our strategy efficiency.

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