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READI-CHINA CONSULTING INC. is a sub-brand of Financial PR Group. Since its establishment in 2011, it has been always adhering to the service philosophy of “Valuable Connected”, with which it helps customers dealing with the challenges of increasingly fragmented and growing volume of information in the whole-media environment. Through “Value-chain Integrated-communications Service (VIS)”, READI-CONSULTING serves listed and pro-IPO companies targeting the Greater China regions market.



NextInsight, a key media partner of Financial PR, operates on the Web, and its content serves to enhance its readers’ understanding of the business of the listed companies it writes about. NextInsight reports on a wide range of happenings in the market, including results briefings by listed companies. The articles are enhanced by photos and even the occasional video footage of the companies’ management and operations. NextInsight also publishes excerpts of analysts’ reports as well as contributions of content by investors.

Website: http://www.nextinsight.net/


Aries Consulting

Aries Consulting Limited is a business consultancy firm specializing in debt and equity fund raising, pre-IPO advisory, mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring and other business consulting services to public and private companies in Asia, with a particular focus on small to mid-sized companies in Greater China. With our affiliation with BlueFocus and Financial PR Group, we extend our business to Southeast Asia and Taiwan region. We position ourselves as being independent and free from conflicts of interest which may arise when dealing with other full-fledged investment banks.

The team is led by a group of seasoned advisory professionals which offers unrivalled expertise in providing our clients with independent and innovative solutions from both an adviser’s and an investor’s perspective. Amid the dynamic capital markets, the rapidly-changing regulatory environment and competitive business environment, Aries Consulting does not only provide tailor-made business consultancy solutions but also assist them in enhancing their shareholders’ values by identifying mergers and acquisitions opportunities, modifying their existing business models and repositioning their investment angles to the investment community.