Are you aware of how the market valuates your company? Does your management team know how to strategically stimulate and drive engagements within the investment community? At Financial PR, we see in-depth understanding of a company and its industry as key to developing effective IR strategies. Our specialised consultants work in sector-focused teams to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

We are also the largest regional IR firm in Singapore, with comprehensive market intelligence services and access to a wide network. Please click on the individual industries below to view what we have delivered for our clients.

Industries We Worked With


Utilities enterprises face challenging dynamics unique to their industry. Amidst regulatory changes, demand fluctuations, and unforeseen competition, our specialised Utilities consultants provide the strategic advice needed for success in the investment market.


Are you leveraging on the rapidly growing interest in healthcare? We combine the best expertise in healthcare issues and medical solutions to help you build IR strategies that deliver results.

Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas

This industry deserves only the best expertise. Our domain knowledge of the entire marine, offshore, oil & gas value chain helps you achieve optimal results as and when necessary.

Consumer Goods

Fast-moving, challenging, and dynamic, this industry requires experts who understand what drives consumer behaviour. We develop communications driven by research, consumer insights and new cultural trends to drive consumer engagement.

Technology & Industrials

Precision is everything to us in this line of business. Our technology & industrial experts are well positioned to empower you to make the best decisions for your company.

Construction & Property

Enhancing our nation’s infrastructure is all in a day’s work for the enterprises we have entrusted with the foundations of our nation. Likewise, we build engaging, trusted relationships between potential stakeholders and our clients.